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Let It Snow

We posted our story of our launch day across social media but I felt led to write a short blog post about our launch day, as it will never be forgotten.

Katrina and I make great business partners for many reasons, but one of them is our natural attention to detail. We cover all bases and then come back around to check the bases for complete coverage, ha! In my own personal life it sometimes makes for unnecessary exhaustion but in the business world its has become one of my greatest assets. By no means were we oblivious to the fact that the weather could effect us, with having the event in November; but early on in November felt as if it was worth the chance. What are the odds of Philadelphia getting its first real snow fall of the year, on the day we had planned to start our life long journey of running autism solace. We made the best of the day but as hard as that was, our true lesson was not found in resilience this day.

The day following the launch, as we pushed towards continuing to plan for our rescheduled event, so many doors opened for us. We were able to secure the date we wanted, we took a leap and were able to secure the entire building for an autism solace exclusive event and to top it all off its in April, autism awareness month. Exhilarating!

Through it all, as I reflected on the 48 hours of events that transpired, the lesson became crystal clear. In life, whether personal or business; there will be an obstacle. We cant spend time hoping obstacles don't come, but knowing that an obstacle is sometimes disguised as a detour. Take the detour, you will never be able to see that breathtaking view otherwise, and you will get back on your planned path. In other words, let it snow.


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